Company profile:

Hunjoen started from 1999 to research and develop up to now, was a specialized manufacture and the sales microprocessor PID temperature controller merchant. We always grasp "the specialty, the quality, the good faith," the consistent principle, endlessly make every effort in the specialized technology to strive, seek the breakthrough in the production management. We hoped could make the good quality, reasonable price, leading technical products. Simultaneously creates higher profit back coupling all customers, the staff, and the shareholder.

Future prospect:

Grasps "continues forever the management" consistent idea, with pursue remarkable spirit, competing industry, is diligently unremitting. In order to deal with the fast transformation the trends in the world, newly asks the innovation spirit in order to which changes, researches and develops the new product to develop the new market, uses the more advanced design technology and the production system regulation promotes the self- ability promotion and the self- brand of competitive advantage. At the same time, a more positive plan increases the more products line, expands the self- brand and the expanded cooperation field of vision. In addition in the product test, the quality examination, establishes the more perfect management way, guarantees the product quality, then the promotion competitive ability and the market share, manage "Hunjoen" to cause it to become the most specialized industry controller factory.

Management philosophyG

We deeply believed only has the penetration to the quality, the service and innovation persisting, can enable us to achieve makes enterprise of mission the customer satisfaction.

Sin-G Electronic Co., Ltd (Dongguan) was established (NT$:5,000,000-)
Add Capital to be NT$:10,000,000-


Rm. 1, 4F., No.12, Ln. 609, Sec. 5, Chongxin Rd.,Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 241, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: (02)2999-9305 / FAX:(02)2999-9306